We're Local to the Core!


We firmly believe that local small businesses are crucial to communities. Our community has been supporting us since 1933, so we feel it's important that we do the same for other local businesses. That's why we feature other locally made products, try to incorporate many locally sourced ingredients, and host the Virgil Farmers Market.

Local Products:

  • The Virgil Farmers Market

  • Honey - https://gridleyhollow.com/

  • Gourds and Dried Flower Bouquets - Hope Springs Farm

  • Butternut squash - Phil Dovi

  • Organic Pasture-Raised Beef - http://www.twinoaksdairy.net/

  • Maple Products - https://sugarmakers.nysmaple.com/places/united-states/new-york/marathon/nys-sugarmaker/mill-race-maple-products/

  • Lamb and sheeps milk cheese - http://www.northlandsheepdairy.com/

  • Lacto-fermented products - http://www.foodandferments.com/

  • Ice Cream - https://www.byrnedairy.com/

  • Cheese, Mustard, Fresh Horseradish - https://riverratcheese.net/

  • Soup Mixes - http://www.healthysisters.org/

  • Cake Mix - Sweets & Treats

  • Pancake Mix - https://newhopemills.com/

  • Apples

New York, Cortland County, Town of Virgil